This fragrance has served me well this summer. Especially where I’ve been carrying around smallish totes and fewer things (so I have less things to disinfect from touching surfaces n ‘ish RE: Rona) Its slender framed bottle fits perfectly I’m my bag and is an easy carry around because of its shape and weight. It has that alluring, scrumptious, fresh smelling ambiance of bouncing Rose, Jasmine and Chypre chord. 

The notes are beautifully blended to musk naturally to your personal body scent giving that gorgeous all day lasting radiance. One of those fragrances that smell different on everyone but still distinctive and absolutely divine. Might have to carry this baby into the autumn as I’m not quite ready to switch it up yet. 



I'm pretty sure we can all agree when I say 2020 was supposed to be 'The year', or at-least felt like it was. And as we all stepped into it, we had absolutely no clue that everything we had envisioned was to be turned up, down, inside-out WHEN CORONA VIRUS hit! 

Life as we used to know it and beyond is not the same and if you think that things will go back to the way they used to be you need to think again. I am usually an optimist and still in the midst of all this going I still find a way to have hope and let my faith carry me through. As a strong believer of the saying "Everythng happens for a reason" I do believe that this "Covid" is one of those. We may sit and discuss conspiracy theories of what may have been done to avoid this, who knew what and when and the 'Whys" of it all but, only one person truly knows the answer and the time stamp of when it will all end and that is God. What do we do now? Do will give up and give into it and just because the light at the end of tunnel doesn't show a glimmer of a sign? And more and more chao arising by the day all around the world. The answer is NO. However as much pain, suffering, fear and anxiety has emerged from this, now more than ever before is the time for us to cling to our faith. Delve deeper within ourselves, that a look around and ask ourselves the right questions. Observe and do what needs to be done. Be kind to one another, spread love, help those in need, give what you can, protect yourself and others - live.

Lockdown has not been the easiest thing; BUT we overcame it...the first time. Day-by-day we still hear of places where cases continue to rise 'just when we thought it was over' Towns, Cities, Countries the world over continue to be still ravished by the horrible virus but, the shocking thing is with all this still in act, we as a people have not changed. We have remained if not become more greedy, more selfish, self serviving, power hungry, evil, cruel and toxic as a race. Why do we deserve any better than what we are experiencing now? Perhaps we had it coming. Some say that we are being punished for our sins, some say it is a result of our own actions. The over consuption, greed, lust, wreckleness, damaging of our environment, multiplying superiority complexes, indistructible egos, I could go on. Maybe we had it coming. We have forgotten to live with true purpose and I must point out before all this, the world was spinning so fast we never had a moment to stop and think about the things that are really important. Lockdown showed us all this a more for a mere second, because we were all vulnerble. We were clueless, afraid beacuse of the grave uncertainty that faced us all for the first time not knowing whether we would live to see tomorrow. The minute people started reallising not everyone dies from corora t was business as usual and back to the craft enginering of an even more self-serving life. Sadly with rescrictions being lifted people soon forgot. We haven't learned the lessons we were supposed to and until we do, we will remain a long way away from any resemblance of normalcy.

The Future post-Covid lies in us changing our ways, for the better not to return to the way things used to be. It lies in us reflecting and idenfiying what was wrong with life before 2020 coming together to fashion an new future that is more socially and enviromentally friendly and functions to serve all.



With Corona Virus at it's peak and the need to stay safe and germ free in-order to avoid sanitizing your whole life when you step back in-doors, I've taken a picture of what's currently in my bag at the moment to share with you what essentials I've been carrying around. Whether you are poppimg out to the supermarket, GP or for your daily excercise, I have put together the perfect 'Survival-kit' to get you through the day.

 These essential items are probably the only things I will be carrying around with me for the time being and in all fairness, they are really and truly the only things we need.

1. House keys
2. A 'Face Mask' for protection
3. Sunglasses - to protect against UV Rays and to look chic on those daily walks
4. My mobile phone - Music on the go and communication.
5. Purse (with only 2 cards - My debit card and ID)
6. Fragrance - just to keep things fresh (I love Hugo Boss ~ The Scent)
7. Hand stanitizer - The Aloe vera one is very kind to the skin
8. Finally, Carmex lip balm for long-lasting lip protection

You know I love my red-lipstick, but I think we all have to be practical during this time and embrace the idea of keeping things simple. With make-up, I've literally just been going around mostly bare-faced and this has allowed my skin to breathe aswell. For my lips I thought the 'lip-balm' as opposed to 'lip-stick'  would be a good alternative as it doesn't rub easily and Secondly, with a "face-covering" noone is likely to see my face anyway and it will only get wasted on the mask at the end of the day.

With new information suggesting Covid-19 survives on surfaces, it's only wise to minimize the amount of stuff we touch especially while we are out so definitely carrying around less things will help you ensure that you don't bring the virus back home.